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An overhead map showing what lanes are closed and open along the terminal and south garage entrance.

Temporary Entrance from Abbott Drive to the Terminal

As part of the Terminal Entrance Roadway Expansion project, a temporary entrance from Abbott Drive to the Eppley Airfield Terminal opened on Tuesday, November 9th.

This temporary entrance is south of the old entrance and will remain in use until a new permanent entrance is opened in 2022.

Motorists should follow the directional signs on Abbott Drive to access the Terminal via this temporary entrance.

To prepare for Eppley Airfield’s future growth, the Airport Access and Parking Modernization program is expanding the roadway leading to the Terminal and modernizing the South Garage. When complete, these projects will improve customer service by providing enhancements to capacity, efficiency, safety, and security.

Access to the Terminal and South Garage will be maintained during all phases of construction. Customers may encounter occasional minor detours on the roadway; however, no significant delays are anticipated.

Learn more about these projects and receive construction updates at and Eppley Airfield social media channels.

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