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Welcome to the official site of the Omaha Airport Authority

Attention Passengers: If you are departing Eppley Airfield on an early morning flight between 5:00am and 7:00am, please plan to arrive at least 90 minutes before your domestic flight time. This will ensure you will have sufficient time to check-in at the airline ticket counter and proceed through the security checkpoint without delays. Food service is available inside the checkpoints.

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Flight Information

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flight frame
flight frame
Alaska Airlines 753SeattleA904:00pm
Southwest 1179AmarilloB1604:00pm Arrived
Delta 2438MinneapolisA204:23pm Arrived
United 1860DenverB1204:27pm
American 4556CharlotteA704:48pm
Delta 3501DetroitA404:50pm
Delta 1582AtlantaA504:59pm
United 3521Houston-IAHB1305:05pm
Southwest 696Chicago-MidwayB16NOW 05:05pm
Southwest 2082AtlantaB1505:10pm
Delta 3523Salt Lake CityA305:17pm
United 614Chicago O'HareB1405:32pm
United 3861NewarkB12CANCELLED
American 3248Dallas-Ft. WorthA806:28pm
Southwest 274PhoenixB1606:35pm
American 3095Chicago O'HareA706:41pm
Southwest 558JacksonvilleB1506:45pm
Delta 4904MinneapolisA407:04pm
Southwest 2733RenoB1607:30pm
American 490Phoenix07:48pm
American 2396Dallas-Ft. WorthA708:18pm
United 1183DenverB1208:20pm
Delta 1098AtlantaA208:27pm
United 259Chicago O'HareB1409:08pm
Southwest 3135Detroit09:10pm
Delta 378DetroitA409:23pm
American 5248CharlotteA609:34pm
Southwest 2747El Paso09:35pm
United 5217San FranciscoB1110:00pm
Southwest 2136Salt Lake City10:05pm
American 2299Dallas-Ft. Worth10:34pm
United 381DenverB1310:44pm
Southwest 196Chicago-Midway10:45pm
Delta 5195New York-LGAA110:54pm
Southwest 1983Columbus10:55pm
Delta 1376AtlantaA210:56pm
American 3372Chicago O'HareA1011:16pm
Delta 2341MinneapolisA311:25pm
Delta 1650Salt Lake CityA511:30pm
United 399Houston-IAHB1211:40pm
American 501Los AngelesA811:58pm
Alaska Airlines 3414Portland,ORA911:59pm
Southwest 1322Orlando02:55pm
American 3709Chicago O'HareA703:11pm
Alaska Airlines 753SeattleA904:00pm
Southwest 1179Amarillo04:00pm
flight frame
flight frame
American 5983PhoenixA603:00pm Departed
American 3709Chicago O'HareA704:00pm Departed
Southwest 1179DenverB1604:35pm
Alaska Airlines 731SeattleA905:00pm
Delta 2438MinneapolisA205:05pm
United 1433DenverB1205:15pm
Delta 3501DetroitA405:25pm
Delta 1582AtlantaA505:39pm
United 3616Houston-IAHB1305:40pm
Southwest 696Las VegasB16NOW 05:40pm
American 4556CharlotteA705:45pm
Southwest 2082St. LouisB1505:45pm
Delta 3523Salt Lake CityA305:53pm
United 501Chicago O'HareB1406:20pm
United 4417NewarkB12CANCELLED
Southwest 2409PhoenixB1607:05pm
American 3248Dallas-Ft. WorthA807:13pm
American 3095Chicago O'HareA707:15pm
Southwest 897Chicago-MidwayB1507:15pm
Delta 4904MinneapolisA407:45pm
Southwest 3018DenverB1608:25pm
Delta 8918AtlantaSD10:30pm
Delta 8922Chicago O'HareSD10:30pm
American 1286Dallas-Ft. WorthA802:54pm
United 1816Chicago O'HareB1303:00pm
American 5983PhoenixA603:00pm
Delta 1779MinneapolisA303:20pm
Southwest 1322Dallas-Love Field03:30pm
American 3709Chicago O'HareA704:00pm
Last updated - 10/20/16 4:07 PM