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Welcome to the official site of the Omaha Airport Authority

Attention Passengers: If you are departing Eppley Airfield on an early morning flight between 5:00am and 7:00am, please plan to arrive at least 90 minutes before your domestic flight time. This will insure you will have sufficient time to check-in at the airline ticket counter and proceed through the security checkpoint without delays. Food service is available inside the checkpoints.


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Flight Information

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United 4524Houston-IAHB1311:17am Arrived
American 3415Chicago O'HareA7CANCELLED
United 6424DenverB13NOW 12:24pm
Delta 4525MinneapolisA512:42pm
Delta 2425AtlantaA212:43pm
USAirways 5555Des MoinesB11NOW 12:58pm
Southwest 1623Las VegasB1601:25pm
United 6438Chicago O'HareB1401:28pm
United 4343Houston-IAHB1301:39pm
Southwest 1688SacramentoB18NOW 01:40pm
USAirways 2732FresnoB11NOW 01:44pm
American 4225Chicago O'HareA7CANCELLED
Southwest 880BirminghamCANCELLED
Delta 6016Washington-DCAA402:26pm
Delta 3437MinneapolisA502:46pm
United 5502DenverB1302:57pm
American 1286Dallas-Ft. WorthA703:29pm
Alaska Airlines 3468SeattleA103:45pm
Southwest 3415PittsburghCANCELLED
USAirways 5556St. LouisB1104:14pm
United 714Chicago O'HareB1404:36pm
United 4478Houston-IAHB1304:45pm
American 3498Chicago O'HareA7CANCELLED
Delta 1582AtlantaA205:03pm
United 4085NewarkB1205:11pm
Delta 4657Salt Lake CityA405:14pm
United 3615DenverB1305:31pm
American 2323Dallas-Ft. WorthA705:49pm
Southwest 134DenverB1706:10pm
Southwest 279Orange CountyB1806:30pm
United 501Chicago O'HareB1206:51pm
Delta 1098AtlantaA207:08pm
Southwest 555OrlandoCANCELLED
United 450DenverB1507:56pm
American 1362Dallas-Ft. WorthA708:54pm
Delta 4935DetroitCANCELLED
United 6388Houston-IAHB1409:09pm
Southwest 1020Houston-HOUB1609:45pm
Delta 1863MinneapolisA409:47pm
Southwest 1619Philadelphia10:15pm
American 4265Chicago O'HareCANCELLED
Delta 5096New York-LGAA410:21pm
Delta 1376AtlantaA210:31pm
American 2362Dallas-Ft. WorthA711:00pm
Southwest 59Phoenix11:00pm
Frontier 432DenverA911:09pm
USAirways 530San JoseB1111:22pm
Delta 4772Salt Lake CityA411:26pm
United 4524Houston-IAHB1311:17am
United 6023Chicago O'HareB1311:20am
American 3415Chicago O'HareA711:42am
Delta 4091Minneapolis11:44am
Delta 5562DetroitA508:00am Departed
Delta 4667Salt Lake CityA4NOW 08:30am
United 4417NewarkB13NOW 11:47am
United 5992DenverB13NOW 11:50am
American 3415Chicago O'HareA7CANCELLED
United 5588Chicago O'HareB13CANCELLED
Southwest 4391St. LouisB1701:15pm
Delta 4525MinneapolisA501:30pm
Delta 2425AtlantaA201:30pm
USAirways 5596CharlotteB1901:30pm
United 5160Houston-IAHB1402:03pm
Southwest 1623Chicago-MidwayCANCELLED
United 4670Chicago O'HareB13CANCELLED
American 4225Chicago O'HareA7CANCELLED
Southwest 388PhoenixB18NOW 02:25pm
USAirways 2742Phoenix11NOW 02:25pm
Southwest 880Las VegasB1702:50pm
United 4988Chicago O'HareB13CANCELLED
Delta 6016Washington-DCAA404:00pm
American 1286Dallas-Ft. WorthA704:13pm
Alaska Airlines 3469SeattleA104:15pm
Southwest 3415DenverB1604:40pm
Delta 3489MinneapolisA405:12pm
United 3954NewarkB13CANCELLED
United 714DenverB1405:32pm
American 3498Chicago O'HareA7CANCELLED
Delta 1582AtlantaA205:44pm
Delta 4657Salt Lake CityA405:49pm
United 4478Houston-IAHB1206:03pm
American 2323Dallas-Ft. WorthA706:29pm
Southwest 279St. LouisB1807:00pm
Southwest 555DenverB1707:45pm
United 3669Chicago O'HareB1310:47am
Delta 724Atlanta10:50am
Southwest 352Chicago-Midway10:50am
American 1279Dallas-Ft. WorthA711:03am
United 4417NewarkB13CANCELLED
United 5992DenverB1311:50am
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