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Ride App Pickup

Ride App Pickup is located on the Ground Floor of the South Garage.

The Ride App Pickup Area is the new location for all pickup and drop-off activity for Uber/Lyft. The area includes a waiting area with benches for passengers and 11 vehicle stalls where Uber/Lyft drivers can queue for the loading and unloading of passengers.

The Ride App Pickup Area for Uber/Lyft is located on the Ground Floor of the South Garage and can be accessed via the North Skywalk or the crosswalk near Door 3.

Customers with disabilities using ride app services are permitted to use the inner vehicle terminal curbside for pickup and dropoff.  These customers should communicate the need for this option with the vehicle driver.  For additional assistance, please contact the Airport Communications Center at 402-661-8100.

Ride App pickup (Uber, Lyft)

Look for Ride App directional signage located throughout the terminal.

Ride App Providers


Ride App Pickup Area

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