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ParkOMA Economy Shuttles

ParkOMA economy shuttles pickup and drop off across from Door 3 at the terminal, and at your vehicle in North Economy, South Canopy, and South Economy. The driver will issue a location ticket, so you can be dropped off at your vehicle upon your return.

Ground Transportation Shuttles

The Ground Transportation Center is located inside of Door #3 on the lower level of the terminal building.

Certain shuttles have phones there. Local hotel/motel (with or without shuttles) phone boards/reservation centers are located near the north and south baggage claim areas.

Ground Transportation Options

I-80 Navigator Airport Express

Kearney / Grand Island / York / Lincoln / Omaha


402-475-LiNK (5465)
Van shuttles offering transport between Omaha and Lincoln

OMASUX Express Shuttle

Travel to/from Omaha to Sioux City / Sioux Falls and surrounding area

Windstar Lines

Travel around the region

Leisure Limousine & Sedan

Van shuttles, black car and SUVs offering transport between Omaha and Lincoln

Metro Sedan & Limousine