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Special Needs

Helpful Hints for Handicapped Travelers Needing Assistance

  • Prior to your trip, contact your airline and indicate that you will need assistance.
  • In Eppley’s parking garage, handicap parking stalls are on each floor, both on the north end and the south end, next to the elevator lobbies.
  • For oversized vans (above 6’10”) that will not fit into the covered parking garage, a special parking space is available down the front drive commercial lane in the north garage overlay area. (see sign) To use this space, a call must be made to the ABM Parking office and arrangements made for police assistance & prepayment – 402-346-2466.
  • The North and South Long-term Economy parking lots also have handicap parking stalls near the exit and next to the shuttle bus waiting shelters, respectively.
  • Some of the parking lot shuttle busses are equipped with mechanical wheelchair lifts. Call ABM Airport System Parking at 402-346-2466 for inquiries or requests for assistance.
  • For security reasons, motorists are not allowed to park or wait in their vehicles on Eppley’s terminal front drive except to briefly load and upload passengers. During the process, the driver MUST remain with the vehicle.
  • Uniformed airport police officers are always on duty on the terminal front drive and can be contacted for assistance in obtaining special needs services.
  • For customers traveling with service animals, there are two Service Animal Relief Areas located at the north and south ends of the Terminal marked with signs. There are no exercise areas available once you enter the Terminal.
  • For additional handicap information and wheelchair assistance, we suggest that you contact your airlines’ wheelchair attendant service in advance of your arrival regarding the services that are available once you arrive at Eppley Airfield.  For Alaska, Allegiant, American, Delta, Frontier, and Southwest, contact Prime Flight Aviation Services at their local dispatch number 402-676-1563. For Air Canada and United, contact GAT at their local dispatch number 402-943-5944.
  • The Airport’s Communication Center can also be reached at 402-661-8100 (8100 on red courtesy phone).

Helpful Hints for the Hearing Impaired Traveler

  • Contact your airline and indicate that you may need assistance.
  • TTY/TDD telephone instruments are located in the following five areas of the terminal building: (1) lower level central next to Gate 21 hallway, (2) upper level north and south ends close to Omaha Steaks kiosks, (3) Concourse A and B in boarding gate areas.
  • For relay operator assistance dial 1-800-833-7352 or 711 or follow instructions where posted.

Helpful Hints for the Blind or Low-Vision Traveler

  • Contact your airline and indicate that you may need assistance.
  • Eppley Airfield is an Aira Access Location. Aira is a service that uses a smartphone app to connect blind and low-vision people to highly trained, remotely-located agents who deliver objective visual information. As an Aira Access Location, the Omaha Airport Authority provides free Aira service while you are visiting Eppley Airfield.
  • Aira can help with any of the following, and more:
    • Navigating to security
    • Navigating to the check-in counter
    • Enhancing efficiency while shopping
    • Finding your gate
    • Finding your seat on the plane
  • Signing up as a Guest with Aira is free. You can sign up here: to get the free app for iPhone or Android. Then, when you enter Eppley Airfield, or any other Aira airport, you’ll receive a notification letting you know that the service is free. Need more information on Aira? Visit For relay operator assistance dial 1-800-833-7352 or 711 or follow instructions where posted.

ADA/Section 504

  • The Omaha Airport Authority is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
  • The Omaha Airport Authority does not discriminate against people with disabilities in accordance with 49 Section 27.123(a) and with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  • The Omaha Airport Authority’s ADA and Section 504 Coordinator is Stan Kathol, Director – Finance & Administration – 402-661-8000.
  • ADA grievance procedures are available upon request in person at the office or by mail/fax at contact information in the footer. Also available at lower level Welcome to Omaha Information Desks.